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Track All Business Operations

Manage your customers, technicians, equipment, inventory, and service orders efficiently and accurately.

High 5 Software - SME

Access your information through the web or from a stand-alone server. With our service management software you will increase productivity by 4x!!!

Record All Activities

Keep track of all of your customer history and information with customer relationship management of service history, follow-up activities, personal info, and detailed notes.

High 5 Software - SME

Allow your business to be streamlined and managed by SME and never lose any important information or miss an important deadline again.

Increase Cash Flow

Be able to accept prepaid hours and services improve cash flows through unique customer billing.

High 5 Software - SME

Track and monitor all customer interaction with ease and get paid quicker!!!

Recurring Invoice and Orders

Property Management companies rely on recurring invoices for monthly monitoring fees that SME will handle.

High 5 Software - SME

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance is handled by recurring work orders to make sure your customer equipment is serviced on schedule.

Accounting Standalone or QuickBooks

SME can be operated with best in class syncing with QuickBooks or standalone.

High 5 Software - SME

Customers have also successfully integrated with other accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon).

Quick & Easy Customer Tracking and Problem Solving

Accurately manage invoices and payments for detailed customer invoicing including work performed and line item details.

High 5 Software - SME

Invoices are easily emailed, printed or faxed for timely billing and recurring invoices that saves you precious time better spent elsewhere.

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Our only vision and goal is to  empower companies to
“Run a Better Service Business”
Our products are designed for small to medium size companies ready to optimize their performance.

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      • Over 30 years in business
      • USA owned and operated based in Seattle, WA.
      • User friendly
      • Customization options
      • Technical Support and Software upgrades

What Client’s Say

“After implementing the system our operations and profits improved after only a few months. As a business owner, I can tell you that the Return on Investment for the SME software has already been multiple times the cost of the system – and we haven’t even been using it for a year.”
Christopher E. Hugman, President, Safe Sight
“Without SME, there is no way we could manage this volume of work orders. Using SME with QuickBooks allows us to do tasks 4 times faster than doing them manually.”
Martin Unger, President, CSSR, INC.
“SME is an invaluable operational tool that increases productivity in every department. Our revenue has increased 20% since implementing SME.”
Carla Foxx, Director of Client Relations, EXTEL Communications