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Customer Maintenance Contracting for Service Companies

The customer maintenance contracts module gives you complete control over scheduled or negotiated  service contracts and repair work for your customers. Set reminders and notifications by email for scheduled work and invoice customers on recurring billing accounts. Create, edit, store, track all customer contract proposals and have a complete reference for future customer deals whether the contract is approved, expired, open or closed.

Contract Proposals: Track a complete history of customer contract proposals. Create, edit, and send your contract proposals in SME for a complete customer record.

Recurring Invoices: Set recurring invoices for customer accounts and set reminders or email notifications for specific customer related events. All invoices are tracked and view able within SME and can be synced with QuickBooks.

Contracted Customer Equipment:

  • Scheduled Services: Preventative Maintenance Schedules can be automatically set for maintenance reminders or alerts so you don’t forget. Set schedules for Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily reminders.
  • Service Level Agreements:
  • Line Item Contracts
  • Service, Parts, Labor, Supplies
  • Set customer contracts agreements and display different line items that can or cannot be viewable by customers
  • For more info on SLAs and how SME handles them please follow this link: Service Level Agreements (SLA) Defined

Stored Document Management: From inventory photos to customer signatures, if you need something stored along with your customer and service data you can with

SME. Pictures, documents, files, orders, tickets, equipment lists can all be accessible with one click with the accounts and items you need them to be associated with.

Repair Tracking: Complete accountability and tracking for repair services. Know when to schedule automatic reminders and have a repair history of service items. All information is updated automatically and corresponds with customer, site, billing, vendor, inventory, and invoice items.

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