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Customers and Job Sites

SME handles both customers and job site or sub customers. A customer may have unlimited Job Site locations.

List Customers

To list your customers, select Customers link at the top. Select a customer by clicking the name or click the Edit button on the right Add a job by clicking the add job icon on the right. Search any part of the customer name, type, contact or email in the search box.

Edit Customer

To Edit a customer click the customer record and change any information, then select save.

New Customer

To create a new customer select Actions>New Customer


Add Customer

Adds a customer to the customer list, with the options to supply the following information:

  • Type of customer
    • prospect
    • customer
    • job site
  • Company
  • Address
  • Account number
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Type of business
    • government, residential, etc as customized
  • Terms of the client
    • Net 10, 20, 30, etc.
  • Status

Add Job Site

Enables the user to add multiple job sites listed under a single parent company. For example, a fire safety inspection company that inspects several different buildings can create a job site for each building they maintain.

Add Job

To add a work order or job for a customer or job site.

Add Note

To add a note for a customer.

Add Contact

To add a contact for the customer or job site

Add Document

To upload a document for the customer.

Customer Information

The following details can be viewed for the customer:


Shows a history of all jobs for that customer

SMO Notes

Unlimited notes can be recorded for the customer.

Notes are automatically recorded with who took the note and the date and time of the note. Steps:

  1. Select the Note Type:
    • Site Notes are to track specific information about the site such as how the techs access.
    • Service Request: For recording service request notes, usually for jobs.
    • Service Performed: For techs to record the work performed and also to show the work performed for invoicing purposes.
    • Private: These notes are only for members of your company and not for customers.
    • System Notes: System generated notes.
  1. Enter the Note text
  2. Select Add Note

SMO Contacts

Each customer can have unlimited contact records that can each be linked to specific job sites. Contact info data fields are:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Twitter

SMO Documents

Documents can be uploaded for the customer record such as pictures, site plans, pdf files, word documents, and excel files.

SMO Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created to track unique information for your business.

SMO Job Site

Each customer may have unlimited Job Site locations.