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Note: SME is not able to do automatic updates because all users need to be out of SME for the updates. It's up to the customer to look for updates either here, from SME New Features & addons > Latest Features and Release Notes, or our twitter page @High5Software

SME 8.1 - 8.2 Revision History

SME 8.0 - Revision History
SME 8.0 – New Features & Functionality

SME 7.2 - Revision History
SME 7.2 – New Features & Functionality

SME 7.1 – Revision History
SME 7.1 - New Features & Functionality

SME 7.0 – Revision History

SME 6.3 - 7.1 Legacy Builds

Contact High 5 Software to inquire about upgrading to the latest version of SME. Upgrade now and explore the many new features including mobile features.

SME9 is an unreleased version only for specific customer needs. Information on SME9 updates can be found here: SME 9.0 - Revision History
SME 9.0 - New Features & Functionality