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High 5 Software Assured Performance[edit]

This document describes the details of High 5 Software Assured Performance Support services.


High 5 Software Assured Performance includes online, email and phone support, webinars, software upgrades, and installation of High 5 Software products during business hours. Additional services are available for additional charge including training, business process analysis, handling of non-High 5 Software products, data conversion, non-business hours support, and custom reports & development.

Software Support agreement includes the following services:[edit]

  • Email, Fax, online forum, and phone calls to support for questions or issues on products provided by High 5 Software. All support is provided through online means, no onsite support is included. Customer is required to have high speed online/Internet connection..
  • Support and assistance of High 5 Software products.
  • Support of Initial installation of High 5 Software products.
  • Upgrades and Software Maintenance including product updates and patches through live update download.
  • Technical support and software maintenance for custom development work
  • Electronic copies of product, manual, and help.
  • Normal support hours are weekdays 7am to 4pm PST not including High 5 Software company holidays.

Additional services are available at additional charge, including the following:[edit]

  • Online Training. Onsite Training or services require minimum charges plus expense.
  • Support outside of normal support hours.
  • Changing of servers or systems or reinstallation for High 5 Software products.
  • Assistance with data recovery due to viruses, malware, corrupt drives or any other issues beyond software provided by High 5 Software.
  • Professional Services or Business Process Analysis/Improvement.
  • Installation and support of non-High 5 Software products. For example some products that High 5 Software works with but beyond High 5 Software support include Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, Domains, Microsoft IIS, Reporting tools, Backup tools, Microsoft OS, Servers, or Desktops. Customers are required to have these products in working order so High 5 Software can properly install or support products. If customer wants High 5 to work with these non-High 5 Software products, additional charges apply.
  • Custom Report development.
  • Physical copies of product software, manuals and help files.
  • Data Conversion or data importing from other software.
  • Custom Development.

Annual Assured Performance fees will commence at the date of the initial purchase. Any additional fees and charges will be billed by High 5 Software to Customer by invoice. Customer shall pay all such fees and charges within thirty (30) days of invoice. Customers are required to be on a Assured Performance agreement, High 5 Software does not have any obligation to provide hourly support services to customers not on a Assured Performance agreement.

High 5 Software may be able to only offer limited support if you’re operating on a Microsoft operating system for which Microsoft is discontinuing support.

Remote Support[edit]

  1. The Remote Desktop Support Services by High 5 Software shall:
    1. Respond to service calls requested by authorized personnel of the Customer.
    2. Repair technical problem reported by the customer, using secure remote desktop technologies.
  2. The Company’s duties under this Agreement do not include:
    1. Remote support for any applications not covered by the Company
    2. Training
    3. Installation of equipment not previously agreed by the Company
    4. Installation of equipment not purchased from the Company, unless previously agreed.

Last Support Payment or Lapse in Support[edit]

Because assured performance support includes both support and product updates, it's important that customers stay current on assured performance support payments. Any lapse in support will lead to late fees or reinstatement fees to catch up for the product updates during the time the customer is out of support. This makes it fair for customers that continue on support versus customers that delay support payments.

  • Late on Support less than 3 months: Customers are charged 1% late fee per month late.
  • Late between 3 months to 1 year: Customer pays support plus reinstatement fee of 3% per month from original renewal due date.
  • Late on support over 1 year: Customer needs to repurchase the software at 50% discount