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New Customers Start Here

CustomersIcon.png Customers Module The Customers module tracks every aspect
of your most valuable asset, your customers.

InventoryIcon.png Inventory Module
Inventory Management provides a complete
collection of comprehensive inventory control tools
allowing you to quickly and easily
manage your entire inventory

Setup Modules
Setup SME to fit your business. Setup User
Groups, assign usernames and passwords.

Setup Functions
These functions help with the direction of SME to assure best practices.

Dispatching Technicians
Learn about the different ways available to schedule
and dispatch your technicians.

ServiceOrdersIcon.png Service and Install Module

Create service or install orders for your customers.
Also setup recurring service orders.

InvoicesIcon.png Receivables Module
Convert service orders to invoices or create a new
itemized invoice. Setup recurring
invoices linked to maintenance contracts.

ReportsIcon.png Reports Module
Learn how to copy a standard report and customize
to fit your business

SME and QuickBooks Sync

Synchronization between SME with QuickBooks
for a full business solution

Searching and Navigating

Common / Other
There are tools in SME you will use throughout
all the modules.

Help Desk Module
Track issues and build your knowledge base in the
Help Desk module.

Sales Module
Track leads and proposals in the
Sales module.


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