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SQLink - Syncing details between SME and QuickBooks
SQLink FAQ - Browse frequently asked questions related to SQLink
SQLink Settings - This page defines all of the settings in SQLink
SQLink Client Setup - This page shows how to setup a client
SMP_ Items - Learn about the SMP Items created in QuickBooks after your initial sync and how they are used
GL Entries for SME Inventory - If you maintain inventory items in SME only and not in QuickBooks, you must read this page.
Default Export to QuickBooks Settings - Learn about the settings in SME to sync records to QuickBooks by default
Common SQLink Errors - How to fix errors found in SQLink Error Log
Syncing SME Invoices with QuickBooks - Learn how to set invoices in SME to go to QuickBooks and how next invoice numbers work in SME
Editing a Combined Invoice - Learn how to edit a combined invoice in SME and how it updates the invoice that previously synced to QB.
Invoice Numbers in SME and QuickBooks - Understand your options setting the next invoice number in SME

SME Module Guides - Reference guides to other modules in SME