Sales Force Automation (SFA) for the Service Industry

Sales Force Automation (SFA): Typically an essential part of a company’s customer relationship management system, SFA is a system that automatically records all the stages in a sales process. SFA includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that might be required. This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated, eliminating the risk of irritating customers. An integral part of any SFA system is company wide integration among different departments. If SFA systems aren’t adopted and properly integrated to all departments, there might be a lack of communication which could result in different departments contacting the same customer for the same purpose.

What is detailed & achieved through SFA:

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Order Management
  • Product Knowledge
  • Contact Management System
  • Management of Customer Relationships

Issues and areas addressed:

  • The sharing of detailed lead, contact, sales, and customer information through all company departments and employees.
  • Automation and elimination of repeated sales activities to help achieve better efficiency in a sales team.
  • Lead scoring to identify hot leads and focus marketing and sales efforts on contacts more likely to buy.
  • Establishing a sales lead tracking system.
  • Elimination of duplicating sales efforts and subsequent customer irritation.

How SME Handles SFA:

    • Unlimited note taking for leads and customers
    • Eliminated double entry for advancing leads through the sales process
    • Direct marketing list integration
    • Schedule call back, reminders, tasks, and notifications
    • Proposals, bids, and quotes management
    • Document management

    For more information on Sales Force Automation or Sales & Lead Tracking please visit this link: Sales Tracking in SME

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