Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Service Industry


Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A Process implemented by a company to handle its contact with its customers by storing information on current and prospective customers. Used by business to improve services provided directly to customers and to use the information in the system for targeted marketing and sales purposes.

What is detailed & achieved through CRM:

  • All sales or service related interaction a company has with each individual customer.
  • Track and detail personal customization for company and online experience to improve the relationship.
  • Work flow automation and a well documented service history for customer support.

Issues and areas addressed:

  • Front office department support to areas such as sales, service, and marketing.
  • Readily accessible and available customer information.
  • Save customer from having to repeat contact and previous history with company helping to improve the customer to company relationship.
  • Creating a customer-centric approach for a company.
  • Because of the company-wide size and scope of many CRM implementations, significant pre-planning is essential for a smooth roll-out of the CRM software as well as an equally important role of employee adoption and training of the system.

How SME Handles CRM:

  • Customizable field labels
  • Unlimited note taking ability
  • Auto text entry for redundant or common services
  • Automated email statements, invoices, notices, and marketing collateral
  • Stored documents, service history, maintenance contracts, sales history, past and current billing, installation notes, system notes
  • Synchronize with customers and contacts within your QuickBooks records
  • Enable recurring tasks for account maintenance or services for easy task management

For more information on Customer Relationship Management or Customer Service History please visit this link: CRM in SME

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