Work, Service, & Install Order Management for Service Industry

 SME Online is a new platform that is adaptable to your business

The first product available is the Customer Cloud allowing your customers to access information about the products and services you provide.  Imagine your customer logging into the SME Customer Cloud to enter new work requests, see history of all past service, and see invoices.  This will improve service, reduce calls to retrieve this information and free your workers so you can “Run a Better Service Business”.

If you’d like to be given a guided walk-through using the application or have questions or feedback, use the contact form and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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Service Management Enterprise™ software was designed with the service organization in mind.

The High 5 Software SME Online Platform is powering many of our existing customers in industries ranging from medical solutions to business licensing systems and even the help desk for a state lottery system.  The Customer Cloud has most of the features required out of the box, but also can be adapted for unique needs and requirements.

Productivity & Efficiency

Increase your company’s productivity and efficiency by eliminating double entry and having all information available to you in a single all inclusive package.

More Billable Hours

Not only will you never miss a billable opportunity again with the use of automated features, but with less people needed for back office activities you can send more workers to the field to generate revenue on billable hours.

Expand Your Service Area

Increase your client base with top notch customer service and expand your work region using subcontractors all of which is easily managed within SME to help boost revenue.

High 5 Software’s Other Services

Our only vision and goal is to  empower companies to
“Run a Better Service Business”.
Our products are designed for small to medium size companies ready to optimize their performance.

Why Choose Us

      • Over 30 years in business
      • USA owned and operated based in Seattle, WA.
      • Very User Friendly
      • Custom develop options available
      • Technical Support and Software upgrades

What Client’s Say

“After implementing the system our operations and profits improved after only a few months. As a business owner, I can tell you that the Return on Investment for the SME software has already been multiple times the cost of the system – and we haven’t even been using it for a year.”
Christopher E. Hugman, President, Safe Sight
“Without SME, there is no way we could manage this volume of work orders. Using SME with QuickBooks allows us to do tasks 4 times faster than doing them manually.”
Martin Unger, President, CSSR, INC.
“SME is an invaluable operational tool that increases productivity in every department. Our revenue has increased 20% since implementing SME.”
Carla Foxx, Director of Client Relations, EXTEL Communications