Here’s what our customers say about us:

SME has really simplified my life. I saw an immediate return on my investment two months after purchasing the software and it has served the role of at least two employees that we would have needed to hire.
Shawn Massey - President, Massey Telecom
Our nature as a distribution company all over the country means we need something multiple users across the US can access. SME automated our process, reduced excessive costs, and eliminated inefficiencies in our technician tracking and billing.
Burke Smith - Owner, Pacific Assembly, LLC AMCO
SME is an invaluable operational tool that increases productivity in every department. Our revenue has increased 20% since implementing SME.
Carla Foxx - Director of Client Relations, Extel Communications, Inc.
Through SME, everyone has immediate access to client, order, purchase order, invoice, and inventory information eliminating countless hours of effort and enabling us to deliver better service to our clients.
Christopher E. Hugman - President, Safe Sight
Our company has been working with SME and High 5 Software for a little over two years. During this time, we have also been reworking and streamlining our business processes. We have gone through a lot of growth and change. High 5 Software has been very helpful and flexible with us through our growth and changes. High 5 Software has been a great match for our business.
Keith Purvis - General Manager, Kenco Electrical & A/C, Inc.
SME is a great product for service management businesses that use QuickBooks.
Doug Sleeter - QuickBooks Expert, Sleeter Group
SME efficiently manages our technicians and improves response time by having a single company wide documented communication with our customers. The QuickBooks sync gives us the all-encompassing solution we needed.
Kerri Beach - Marketing Manager, AMI - Automated Machinery, Inc.
Real-time inventory updates and a user friendly interface with SME have met all the needs of our service department. We are instantly updated on the capabilities of each terminal location with on the spot reporting and have eliminated our archaic hand written customer history system.
Tim Harper - Tool Service Supervisor , Thomas and Betts
The manpower and labor we save on a yearly basis is insurmountable thanks to the speed and ability of SME software. Over 15 years’ experience with High 5 Software has instilled a comfortable reliability of the product and company and I know their software can deliver what they promise.
Gary Horn - CEO, Tip N Ring
SME is the best system on the market as far as I am concerned. I have been using SME for about 10 years, since the old DOS version.
John Cory Sr. - President, Cory Telecom, Inc.
The tech support department at High 5 Software is helpful and responsive. This is extremely important when you use the software to run your daily operations.
Martin Unger - President, CSSR – Computer Sales and Service of Richmond
We’ve had a bad experience with different service management software that was down at random times and for no specific reason. We needed a solid and stable tool to assist us with computerized customer management/dispatch/billing/inventory systems all for a good price. After countless hours of research, phone calls, emails and presentations from a number of companies we selected Service Management Professional – (SME). My sincerest thanks to High 5 Software for a terrific product backed up by a very competent, knowledgeable, and professional technical service team. It has been my pleasure working with everyone, the few times assistance was needed. SME it’s been an essential tool for our business, we use it every day and we love it. Plus the system was NEVER down. Selecting SME was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and has far exceeded our expectations. It’s far more than a system to keep track of customers, service orders and parts or a system to create quotes and send out invoices. It’s a money-making, time-saving tool that, like any tool, if used properly will deliver results. Thank you for your great products and great support.
Lucian Galev - Sales , Eminent Communications Inc.
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Your team has been exemplary with everything. Thanks to them, we are getting things up and running. I am sure that we will be adding to the arsenal that you provide with Time Tracking and the Customer Portal probably at the first of the year. So again, I thank you.
Beth Green - Director of Projects and Administration, Property Care Specialists
SME is great product for our business. We have had it running for 2 weeks solid now and our service manager said this was the first week of ALL happy customer service calls. With SME handling the scheduling and dispatch, work is getting completed on schedule with nothing being missed. I might add that part of that was made possible by your inventory tracking. For the first time in the history of our company we not only know WHAT we have on our shelves but have been able to stage jobs with ALL of the equipment needed before we send installers out to do the installs. It may seem a silly thing but it has been a small miracle in efficiency for us. Your software has literally given us the tools we were lacking to get real control over the future of our business. Thank you.
Myron Burnett - Owner, WHYrd, Corporate Asset Protection
I use High 5 Software on a daily basis and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s the easiest and simplest way I’ve found to track work orders, examine proposals, and keep track of my inventory. It’s a fantastic piece of software for any business, small or large.
Jack - Owner, Capsule Corporation