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SME and QuickBooks Hosting[edit]

High 5 Software utilizes the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 servers for the best performance and capabilities.

Each High5 customer is provided their own virtual server for SME and QuickBooks. The server also includes Microsoft SQL Server Express and backups. The advantage of this multi-tenant architecture is that each customer is provided a full access to their own virtual server. Backups are retained for a minimum of 60 days or more upon request (see below).

High5 hosting is available for both SME: Service Management Enterprise and QuickBooks® from Intuit™. High5 is able to provide these services to customers at the same prices and hosting providers for QuickBooks alone.

Server Data Center[edit]

High5 utilizes third-party hosting facilities Primary Data Center Info.

Hosting Customer Data Backup Policy[edit]

High 5 Software utilizes reliable and secure backup facilities using Amazon Web Services include S3 and Glacier. For information about Amazon storage and SLA's see

Daily backups are performed for SQL server and customer data to Amazon S3 for 7 days. Data from S3 can be quickly retrieved. After 7 days these backups are moved to Amazon Glacier for 90 days. Amazon Glacier is intended for data archive and takes 3.5 hours to retrieve data after requested. Usually customers will want recent data backups if ever, however if older backups are required these can be retrieved with sufficient notice to High5 support team.

If a customer needs longer retention rates, these can be changed with additional charge. Note that backup retrieval will be charged at the standard hourly support rate.


Notice these policies are subject to change to meet the needs of customers