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Welcome to the High 5 Software Wiki. This wiki provides documentation for Service Management Enterprise (SME) and for SME add-on products such as TechPortal for SME and CustomerPortal for SME.

High 5 Software provides service management software solutions for field service companies in a variety of industries. Focusing on companies that need to manage work orders, technicians, inventory, and customer equipment tracking. Industries such as telecom/interconnect installers, security, Information Technology (IT), Fire & Safety, Fitness repair, HVAC, Electrical contractors, and many more rely on SME for daily business operations.

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NOTICE: High 5 Software does not support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) (Edge browser from Microsoft seems to work well) from Microsoft for Mobile Tech for SME, Tech Portal, Customer Portal and Mobile Subcontractor for SME. Please use FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Edge or built-in browsers on smartphones or tablets. We are happy to see that Microsoft made Edge browser compatible with industry standards, however that was not the case for Internet Explorer.

High 5 Software is now offering Hosting for QuickBooks and SME, ask your salesperson