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On the Stored Documents tab you can link documents related to the order.

Stored Documents Directly into SME[edit]

To link a new document, first make sure the document is saved. Your SME Administrator may have a specific folder you should save your linked SME documents in.

  1. Click New.
  2. In the Stored Documents Options window, click Button1.jpg in the File Name field.
  3. Browse to the saved file. Select the file and click Open.
  4. It is optional to enter a description. Entering a description may make it easier to locate a specific file if you have multiple files linked in the Stored Documents tab.
  5. If you check Store document in database then the document will be saved in SME folder structure. If you do not check Store document in database, if you delete the document on the file server, SME will not be able to open the file anymore.

Stored Documents using Remote Desktop or TSPlus for hosted accounts[edit]

  • When using remote desktop or tsplus with SME requires first to upload the document to the server and then upload into SME as follows:
  1. First upload the document to the server:
    1. Remote Desktop/RDP: When directly remoted into the server you can usually copy a document on your PC and paste into the server for example on the server desktop.
    2. TSplus in HTML5 mode requires to upload the file to the server by selecting the file manager widget from the middle top. Upload the file to the server.
      1. TSPlusUpload.jpg
  2. Once the files is on the server follow instructions above to load into SME.