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What is Time Tracker for SME?[edit]

Time Tracker is a cloud based application which is accessible on any device with an internet connection. It allows workers to record their time in the field, the type of time or service they are providing and any extra expenses they might incur. Supervisors use Time Tracker to track their employees’ work, alter time sheet entries, verify completed time sheets and initiate payments for time on the job. All of this information is automatically synced with SME.


Increase Billable Hours

  • Captures all chargeable time and related expenses at the point of service when it is most easily remembered.

Stay Synchronized

  • Field data entered is automatically pushed to SME software keeping the field and office operations fully synchronized.

Supervisor Friendly

  • Supervisors can edit and verify time sheets from their own device while in the field or back at the office

Connect Anywhere

  • Time tracker can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection. Log your hours from the field or from the office.

DOL and DCAA Compliant

  • Time Tracker ensures that your time sheets are in compliance with government regulations so you can focus on your business.

Time Sheet Automation

  • Increase the efficiency of your time tracking and payroll operations by 10 times with a simple, highly automated user interface.

Track GPS Location of Time In and Out

  • Verify location when techs time in and out of Time Tracker or Mobile Tech for SME. This promotes honest time in/out or allows auditing of locations. See Location Settings for information on how to setup location for various browsers.


Your employees are able to log their time in from the field, giving you more accuracy than post-recorded time entries. You can have all of your employees at the office clock in and out to assist with streamlining the payroll process. GPS tracking can tell you where and when your techs arrived, as well as where and when they time out of a job (Know immediately how much a job is actual costing you). Everything is automatically attached to SME labor items, so the actual time worked on a job can be easily compared against scheduled and billed time for an order.

System Requirements[edit]

SME web-services installed/running live.

SME version 8.0..41+

Desktop: Firefox, Chrome, or Safari

Mobile: Android and Iphone tested


Assign User Names

Each technician that will be entering time will need a username and password. Click here to review how to assign User Names:
SME Mobile Master - Assign User Names

Assign Users to a Supervisor

A supervisor will have the ability to enter time and approve time for anyone they are supervisor of. They also can approve or enter time for anybody that people they supervise supervise.

In the example illustrated below, Bob Fieldguys supervises CindyM and Jim Boss. He can enter or approve time for both CindyM and Jim Boss. Jim Boss supervises Abe Tech. Abe Tech Supervises Charlie Engineer. Bob Fieldguys can enter or approve time for Abe Tech and Charlie Engineer as well.


How to assign:
- Open SME
- Go to Setup > Users
- Search for your tech
- Locate the Supervisor field and select. (image below)
SMEUser SupervisorField.png

Setup Labor Defaults

Make sure the technician has their default service item and payroll items set. The payroll item is what will drive the actual cost for the time entered.
This page shows how the labor defaults work: Labor Editor Defaults

Create payroll items and assign techs:
- Utilities > Utilities
- Payroll/Wage Items and click Run It
- In window that opens, either search for an existing payroll item you want to use or click New to create a new one
- Make sure your techs are added to the payroll item by clicking Add From Techs.
- Enter in the cost for the payroll item in the Wage Amount column (image below)
Timesheet SettingPayrollItem.png

Assign default payroll item to techs
- Go to Setup > Users
- Search for your tech
- Click the Technician Settings tab
- Choose their Default Payroll Item (image below).


When the techs are entering time in Time Tracker, this will be their default cost per hour. They would have the ability to change the time they are entering to any other payroll item that they are added to. For Cindy, she has been added to payroll items of “Regular” and “Overtime”. These are her two options when entering time.


Timesheet Manager in SME User Group

For any user that will need to approve to pay the approved time and print reports for time, they will need to be set to a user group in SME that has Timesheet Manager checked.
UserGroup TimesheetManager.png
To edit the user group in SME:
- Open SME
- Go to Setup > Company > Users Groups
- Search for the correct User Group
- Click the Administrative Clearances tab
- Click Edit and check Timesheet Manager

Entering Time on Service or Install Orders[edit]

Log in to SME Mobile at m.high5software.com
Click the Time Tracker option

In Time Tracker you will see the “Daily” tab. This is where you will select the day you are entering time for, select the service or install order you are entering time for, and either start the timer or manually add time.

TimeTracker DailyTab.png

If you choose to use the timer in the Start/Add Time section, you will need to click Start. You will see the time tracked. Click Stop Order #____
TimeTracker Timer.png

After stopping the clock, you will see the time entry (image below)

TimeTracker EntryFromTimer.png

If you choose to click Add Entry

TimeTracker AddEntry.png

TimeTracker AddingTimeDetails.png

Click TimeTracker Enter.png to enter the time

If you enter time on the wrong work order, you can't delete the entry but will need to change the hours to 0.

Reviewing Time Entered and Submitting Time[edit]

Weekly Tab in Time Tracker

On the Weekly tab you can review your newly entered time, submitted time, approved time and paid time. Make sure you have the correct week selected and the correct tech at the top.

TimeTracker WeeklyTab.png

Expand the new section to review and submit for approval. After submittal, the time will move from the New section to the Submitted section.
TimeTracker WeeklyTab NewSection.png

Labor Item in SME - Time Tracker Tab

The time entered by your tech will also show on the service or install order in SME.

If this time is entered on Order # 1024:
TimeTracker Order1024.png

When you go to Order # 1024 in SME you will see a Labor Item added to the order

Open the labor item and click the Time Tracking tab (image below)

SME LaborEditor TimeTrackingTab.png

On the Time Tracking tab, you will see the Start Time, Stop time, Total Time and more. This entry is from the Time tracker entry.

If you want to charge your customer for actual time of labor, choose the Billing Status you have setup for Billing equal Actual.

SMELaborEditor SetBillingToActual.png

To setup a billing status to set the Billing Qty equal to the actual qty for time:
- Go to Setup > Company
- Select Lists
- Select Billing Status
- Click New in lower right corner
- Enter name such as “Billing equals Actual” and check “Set Billable Hours to Actual Hours”

SetupBillingStatus BillEqualsActual.png

Approving Time[edit]

A Supervisor can approve time that has been submitted. In this example, Bob Fieldguys is supervisor to CindyM. He can approve her time. Bob Fieldguy’s supervisor Mark can also approve CindyM’s time.

If you are a supervisor, when you go to the approve tab select the tech you need to review time for. In this example Bob Fieldguys can review time for several techs.

TimeTracker ApproveTab SelectTch.png

Choose the correct date for Week Starting in upper left corner.

Review the time. You can click the X button on individual time entries to send them back to the tech. The time will appear in the tech’s New list. They would need to resubmit the time.

Click Approve at the bottom to approve all time. Click Refuse at the bottom to refuse all time.

TimeTracker ApproveTab.png

Once time is approved, your tech will see the time in their Approved section on the Weekly tab. You will also see the Approved flag checked in the Time Tracking tab on the Labor Editor in SME.
LaborEditor TimeTrackingTab Approved.png

Payroll Tab[edit]

On the Payroll tab you can move the approved time to paid. Click individually on each line or at the bottom click Refuse All or Pay All
TimeTracker PayrollTab.png

The buttons at the bottom allow you to launch timesheet reports in another browser to view time entered by technicians.
TimeTracker reportButtons.png

Here is an example of the Tech Timesheet:

TimeTracker TechTimesheet.png

Here is an example of the Weekly Timesheet showing time grouped by work order and daily time.

TimeTracker WeeklyTimesheet.png

Syncing Time Entries to QuickBooks Timesheet[edit]

SQLink Settings

If you need to sync time entries to QuickBooks timesheets, you need to decide which option works for you.
- To set your option, open SQLink
- Click File > Setup
- Locate the Transfer Tech Time section (image below)

TimeTracker SyncingOptions.png

Check Actual Time Only. Actual time is the time entered through Time Tracker.
Choose if you want to sync time that was Submitted, Approved or Payrolled to export to QB. If you are syncing “submitted” time, then you don’t need to go through the process of approving time in Time Tracker.

Manual Flag Only means you have to check on the labor editor which time entries sync.
Always Export will always export new time entries regardless of status.

Update to Payrolled after export - the Payrolled check on the Time Tracking tab will get checked once the time is synced to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks settings

In QuickBooks preferences, payroll needs to be setup and Use Time Data to Create Paychecks needs to be check in each employees Payroll Info tab
TimeTracker UseTimeDataToCreatePaychecks.png

Actual Costs and Time Tracking Costs[edit]

Using Mobile Tech for SME and Time Tracker will also track the actual costs on the work order. The costs are captured "smartly" based on the settings within SME. Understanding how SME calculated the actual costs with help in the setup of Payroll Wage or Service items.

The order that SME determines the hourly cost for the time tracking entered is as follows in order:

  • Initialize with Wage cost of the Tech.
  • Override with payroll, if payroll item selected. Note that the payroll item is set based on the tech default payroll item or can be manually set in Time Tracker for SME.
  • Override with service if service item selected and (system settings to override, or tech is subcontractor)
    • Setup>Company>Order "Override payroll cost from service item on labor records"
      • If this is checked, then cost will come from the Service Item
      • If unchecked cost will come from the Payroll/Wage item first.
      • OverridePayrollItem.png

Example with option for "Override payroll cost from service item on labor records":

  • With this option unchecked it will use the tech default payroll item.
    • In this example, Bob Fieldguy default payroll item is "Union Time"
    • DefaultPayrollItem.png
    • The payroll item can have different costs per tech. In this example Bob has a fully loaded cost of $48.00 per hour.
    • WageItemUnionTime.png
    • When time is added through Mobile Tech it will automatically select the Union payroll item and set cost to $48.00 per hour.
    • ActualTimeLabor.png
    • Here is the service item for "Hourly"
    • ServiceItemHourly.png
  • Check "Override payroll cost from service item on labor records"