Live long and prosper with the right Fire & Safety service management

Fire & Safety Service Management is a matter of life and death

Live long and prosper with the right Fire & Safety service management

Imagine tracking 1000’s of pieces of fire and safety equipment that people rely on for the safety of their employees and families.  It’s really something you want to get right!  Not only is the safety of people at stake, but regulations insist that equipment like fire extinguishers are checked and inspected every year.  Then try to do this profitability with the right process and tools.

The amount of info to track and manage could be daunting, but if you enter the info once and then have repeating or recurring work orders, the effort can be tractable.  Here is the high level business process of managing this info:

  1. Capture all the customer sites.  Integration with QuickBooks can automate this step or good importing tools from excel can really help.
  2. Load all the customer equipment to the site such as fire extinguishers, back flows, emergency exit lights, smoke detectors, fire hoses, alarms and more like what is in this list:  Excel importing or a mobile barcode can capture all the customer equipment on site and then sync into the system.
  3. Create recurring orders for each site with the various service work to be performed for each piece of equipment.
  4. At the appropriate time, the recurring orders are automatically generated and specific techs can be scheduled.
  5. Techs are notified on mobile device or PC through email calendar or tech portal.
  6. Use your existing inspection forms that are in pdf, excel, word, or even those old tri-copy pre-printed forms and then upload into the service software or scan and upload.
  7. Techs close the order and accounting can invoice the order or combine a bunch of orders into one combine invoice for all sites for easier management by the customer.  Or maybe you have the customer on a maintenance contract and then you can bill them an agreed amount through a recurring invoice.  Sync the invoices with QuickBooks or enter in your accounting program
  8. Provide customer access so customers can see status of inspections, work orders, and access copies of the completed inspection reports.
  9. Network with other companies who have established best practices in this market such as Fire Pro Fire Protection in BC, Canada or Liberty Fire Protection in Texas.

Track everything well, get the right tools, and follow a good business process.

“Live long and prosper”

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