Your Competition Is Doing It…So Why Aren’t You?

In the current economic climate we are all looking to find ways to stay one step ahead of the competition.  Using technology to improve your productivity and efficiency seems like a logical solution but many service companies are not taking advantage of this.  Companies that use High 5 Software found some of the more compelling reasons were:

  • Happier Customers: Have happier Customers by providing for efficient and timely service that keeps them informed through automatic emails. A happy customer is a repeat customer.
  • More Billable Hours Equals More Revenue: Not only will you never miss a billable opportunity again with the use of automated features, but with less people needed for back office activities you can send more workers to the field to generate revenue on billable hours.  One High5 customer increased billing 35%.
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency: Increase your company’s productivity and efficiency by eliminating double entry and having all information available to you in a single all inclusive package. How many times have you lost a job because the request from a customer that was written down on a piece of paper was lost or had incorrect information? One High5 customer reassigned 3 office staff.
  • Grow Faster Than Your Competition – Expand Your Service Area: Increase your client base with top notch customer service and expand your work region using subcontractors all of which is easily managed within SME to help boost revenue.
  • Professional & Incisive Messaging: Build enterprise ready forms, reports, contracts, proposals, with all of your data and information readily available to you to compose whatever you need.
  • Get Paid Faster – Reduce Back Office Processing Time: Shorten the cycle between getting paid and servicing your customers as well as proposal turnover, order/service fulfillment, & invoicing.  Your customers actually love when they get invoices right away so they can budget.

Providing a quality service to your customers is an important part of staying ahead in a competitive economic climate. Using software should be thought of as a tool to to help you run a better service company and provide that quality service that keeps your customers coming back. If you are looking to stay one step ahead of the competition, become more efficient with less office staff, and increase revenue & billing then contact High 5 Software by…clicking here.

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