The Hidden Cost of Custom Software

Although it looks easy, developing custom software for your business is very hard.  Custom business software is ten times more expensive than off the shelf software.  Full Article

Instead of taking the path of custom development or continuing to hang on to your existing custom solution (which includes a bunch of excel files all over the place!), search for an off-the-shelf solution in your industry.  It’s critical that you look for a solution within your industry, there are many companies that have been around for many years honing their solutions for your industry.  If you feel that you will need custom elements or that you have custom business processes, find an off-the-shelf solution or a company that is willing do custom development around their standard solution.

If you have any inclination about developing your own custom business solution, STOP.  Find an industry specific off-the-shelf solution.  This will allow you to focus on your business, and let the business software companies get you up and going on the off-the-shelf solution.  If you have a field service company dealing with higher end equipment, inventory, or subcontractors contact High 5 Software or email sales to see if our software fits your needs.  If our software doesn’t fit your needs, keep looking, in fact our sales people will recommend other solutions if ours is not a fit.

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  1. It is totally depend on customer requirement and if you are doing these thing in reliable way then it is very beneficial and if you are using good and quality services then your cost is very low and affordable. This is very nice and informative post.

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