ERP versus CRM

Manta started a discussion about ERP versus CRM.

However, they missed the discussion about Line of Business applications like SME, so I had to add my two cents!  Most small to medium size companies should search for industry specific applications to run their business and NEITHER ERP or CRM.

Here is my reply to this article:

There is another important category typically called Line of Business (LOB) application. These applications are industry specific to meet most of the “ERP” needs of a business without incurring the huge price of a full blown ERP package. Examples include industry solutions to support Manufacturing, Inventory management, MSP/IT companies, Field Service, Transportation, marketing, Online ecommerce, a Yogo Studio, and many more.
Many of these industry specific solutions include CRM.

As a small to medium business, you should first find an industry specific solution and not try to search for an ERP solution because it will be too expensive and difficult to implement and use. Nor should you look for a CRM solution, because it will only provide a partial solution.

We provide industry specific solution for Field Service companies for over 20 years. This means we have refined our software for the needs of this industry working with many companies. If your business is in this industry, you would spend 100 times less than an “ERP” solution. Note that technically our solution could be considered an ERP solution, I think when searching for a solution look for specific software such as “field service management software” rather than generic term such as ERP or CRM.
Mark Stair, President,

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