Stanley Steemer Needs a Mobile Makeover

Stanley Steemer Needs a Mobile Makeover
I really like Stanley Steemer. They have a well run service organization with good prices.Stanley Steemer Needs a Mobile Makeover, they really work well with the customer, and the results are excellent.  For these reasons I am a loyal customer.

Yesterday they called to see if I wanted my carpets cleaned and I said yes.  It was scheduled promptly for the next day. They showed up on time and did great work as usual.

But I couldn’t help notice they used an old Windows Mobile phone to handle the mobile work orders. Every time I signed the device the technician apologized “Sorry, It’s really slow”.  Their system makes you sign 2 or three times and each time I heard the same lament, “Sorry, It’s really slow”.  I think you really only need to sign two times, but I think it failed so I had to sign an extra time.  The techs don’t say sorry about their excellent work, so why should they have to say sorry about their mobile solution?  I suppose if you are in the cleaning business, appearances matter.  It is no surprise the Stanley Steemer van shows up bright, clean, and on time.  Seems to me that their mobile technician work order system should too!

At this point I told them that we provide service management software and I demonstrated the SME Android application. The techs kept saying “Wow, that’s fast”, “Wow, that’s really nice and cool”. They said they really need a new mobile solution and told me to contact the manager at the Woodinville office.

Wouldn’t it be great if Stanley Steamer techs could continue to provide excellent service without saying “Sorry” about their mobile solution!  I think it’s time that they upgrade, and I know a company that could help them out.

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