Being Covered By Support Is Like Having An Umbrella…Without One You Will Get Soaked If It Rains

As a business owner or manager you are always looking for ways to streamline and increase efficiencies in regard to the processes involved in running your business. A lot of time and effort went into your research for the right solution. Your decision to invest in your business by utilizing the solution offered by High 5 Software was made because you saw a definite return on investment (ROI). Some of the things that you discovered were:

  • More Billable Hours: You will never miss a billable opportunity again with the use of automated features. With less people needed for back office activities you can free up time for technicians to generate revenue with billable hours in the field.
  • Expand Your Service Area: Increase your client base with top notch customer service and expand your work region using streamlined subcontractor management.
  • Get Paid Up Front & Faster: Save money everyday by being paid earlier using our prepaid services feature. Invoice with ease using our diverse billing options; combined, partial, progress, & recurring.
  • Cash Flow Management: With streamlined inventory, invoicing, subcontractor, delivery & service you will better manage your cash flow and always be notified which what accounts are outstanding.
  • Sales Force Automation: Boost revenue through service industry best practices with complete customer relationship management features. You can provide follow up activities and easily create & deliver proposals.
  • Build Profitable Maintenance Contracts: Set recurring billing and service level agreements (SLA) to get better support retention rates and generate more revenue.
  • After you have made the investment in your business the question is how do you optimize and protect that investment? Or, to say it another way, how do I make sure that I am covered? That is where High 5 Software’s commitment to your success comes into play thru support.

If in your service business you run a fleet of service trucks to get your techs to the customer’s location, how much does it cost you in lost revenue or wasted labor costs when your trucks are broken down and your techs are idle as you scramble to find someone that can fix your trucks? Do you take on the expense of having a full time mechanic on the payroll along with the necessary equipment that they would need? Or do you look for a reliable solution (support) outside of your business so that you do not have to incur the overhead costs yourself? I think we all know the answer to that.

Having current support for your Service Management Enterprise software gives you access to a first class development and support team that is specifically dedicated to your success in regards to the benefits that attracted you to High 5 Software in the first place. All this is accomplished without you having to add to your payroll by hiring additional staff. The other option would be incurring the expense of having to train existing personnel which would most likely have a negative effect on their other duties…particularly if they are directly involved in the generation of revenue for your company.

You talk and we listen. One of the key ingredients in the enhancements and upgrades that go into the SME software comes from the feedback that we get from you. Our expert development and support team puts in many hours listening to customers and enhancing products to improve your business processes and drive efficiency. The only way to reap the benefits of this is by being on an active support plan. I am sure that you would want to ensure the success of your investment now and into the future…Click here to learn more.

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