High 5 Software Provides Truer.Info Platform

Software Platform Provided to Truer.Info:
Seattle, WA. 27 Oct 2016 —  High 5 Software provides platform to Truer.Info for social networking application to allow voting for truer information on the internet.  Truer.Info lets users anonymously vote and comment on any website to drive truer information.  Truer.Info uses High 5 Software’s new DynCloud platform technology that can be used from anything from social networking sites to full business applications.

Try It:  To try Truer application, click the reverse share icon  in the top right corner of this page to anonymously vote and comment on this page.  Truer can be added to ANY webpage with a simple script.

Contact Us:  Contact High 5 Software at sales@high5software.com to utilize this platform for your applications.

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