#MyCandidate and why we should think of them as EQUALS

#MyCandidate and why we should think of them as EQUALS:
Presidential candidates are humans, they should be treated with respect like we treat other people but not revered. You might be asking how I can compare you and me with “trump” he’s such a big chezzzzzz with $3B…..let me explain:
Like me, many people did not start with $1M. I started with $200 and bought Jewel stocks. My friend Jerry got up at 4 or 5am for his paper route. He also taught all of us all how to make 50 cents sweeping at the Streamwood Barber but we never could because Jerry ALWAYS beat us to the barber. Jerry and Johnny both learned hard working values from their father who came directly from Mexico and he was the hardest working person I have EVER met. Jerry and I talk all the time, we give each other real estate advise or whatever. Once, I met Jerry at the airport on a layover but he got called away and I went to my gate. Looking out the window I actually watched Jerry go into my plane to fix something (improbable but true story).
Jerry didn’t get free money from his parents, he had to work hard on his jobs. Let’s say Jerry started with $100 and let’s say Jerry now has $1M of assets between his home, real estate, cars and so on now. I don’t know Jerry’s financials but I would guess that’s within the ballpark. So Jerry grew $100 to $1M…well that’s 10,000 times increase. Jerry also pays his taxes. Jerry is awesome!
Meanwhile, trump started with $1M and grew it to $3B. Yeah, that’s good at 3000 times increase. Wait, Jerry had a 10,000 times increase and trump *only* had 3000 times….?…

My friend David travels around the nation doing construction and running micro businesses. Five years ago David got cancer and the doctors said he only had 6 months to live. David told the Doctors they had NO right to tell him how long he had to live and defied them for 4.5 years and still going. However, sometimes the disease would be debilitating and he was not able to work. I’m sure there were times when David was down to his very last penny. The next day however he would make a sale or get paid on his construction. So David would go from 1 penny to let’s say $100 day to day. That is ALSO a 10000 times increase, more than trump’s 3000 times.

My point is we are all equal: Jerry = David = Hillary = Trump it just depends on your outlook.
Given that we are all equal here would be my “hiring” plan for the White House:
* Hillary Clinton for President. She has the most experience and the right temperament and crushed the debates. Hillary is #MyCandidate.
* Donald Trump for Negotiations and Sales. Some of his greatest suggestions in the campaign include re-negotiating China deals and making countries pay for our military support in their country. He would not be selected as President because he really hasn’t proved he’s fit for that position and offended too many people.
* Jerry for AirForce One maintenance: I’m guessing Jerry doesn’t want to be a politician and I have faith that Jerry would take care of that plane like he has done thousand others.
* David for White House Construction and special adviser on healthcare.

I encourage everyone to assess your candidate as a respectful EQUAL.

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