Software For The Security Industry

When market leaders in the service industry are looking for software they turn to Service Management Enterprise (SME) software from High 5 Software.

We work with some of the leading security companies to protect people and property at…
-Public schools and college campuses
-Banks and financial institutions
-City, state and federal government facilities
-Vessels, terminals, and waterways
-Public spaces and transportation hubs
-Hospitals, care providers, and research facilities

Security Organizations use Service Management Enterprise software (SME) to better manage dispatch, routing, work orders, equipment inventory, service and maintenance scheduling, customer details, invoicing, and history. Whether you are in the field installing video surveillance access control, intrusion alarm systems, or performing preventative, routine inspection and maintenance, or working in the office helping field technicians satisfy clients, SME will help you stay synchronized to each other and to your QuickBooks accounting system. Let SME software help you to provide an even better experience for your customers that rely on you to keep people and property safe and secure.

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Some more features and benefits that our customers find helpful are…

Security Specific Personnel Management

o Create master schedule templates that can be re-used each week to save time and ensure contract parameters continue to be met

o Track training and licensing requirements for every employee with automated email reminders

o Comprehensive scheduling tools that easily identify open shifts, overtime and scheduling conflicts

o Security privileges keep supervisor access separate from employee access so users only see what they need to

o Track and plan time off, benefit eligibility and manage company policies for benefit packages

o Record complex scheduling issues like multiple missed assignments for one employee in a single day, write supervisor notes and attach text files, spreadsheets or picture files

o Comprehensive employee record management includes tax information, employee history, pay rates, status, all hours ever worked and more.

o Employees can clock in and out or track time on their smart phone or mobile device with SME’s Time Tracker mobile application. All employee time is automatically synced with the SME software database.

Security Specific Customer Relationship Management

o Customize billing parameters, rates and special information for each job site

o Customer portal encourages self service and open communication to help define quality objectives, identify problems or deficiencies, assign tickets to correct problems and view the status of issues.

o Create custom templates for recurring jobs, recurring job sites and recurring events

o Create custom templates for inspection sheets, event set up information, area specific check lists, check points and quality objectives

Security Specific Invoicing

o Optimize turnover time and increase billable hours with automated invoices that integrate with QuickBooks

Security Specific Equipment Tracking

o Record purchase cost and date, required cleaning dates and costs, the current owner and location, quantities on hand and re-order status for uniforms.

o Set alarms and get reminders when inventory is running low or uniforms need washing or maintenance

o Issue equipment and uniforms to employees and track assignment date and location

o Automatically deduct fees from payroll if equipment or uniforms are damaged

o Record and update company policies for equipment issue and return. Distribute policies automatically via email and include signature capture.

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