Why Field Service Management Software Is Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Why Field Service Management Software Is Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears

It’s a stretch, but bear with me (pun intended).

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Brooke

If you can overlook the part of the fairytale where Goldilocks commits some pretty dubious breaking and entering, the argument can be made that she would be a pretty shrewd business manager. Let’s imagine her breaking and entering was actually a business venture; Goldilocks was just looking for some field service management software.

Goldilocks steals finds some porridge software that is just a little bit too hot unwieldy and expensive.

This porridge is way too hot! Goldilocks really can’t even bear (pun intended) to sample it.

In the same way, sometimes software is more advanced than what the user needs. A lot of software is meant for businesses that need robust solutions and can track inventory in multiple warehouses, generate tickets when emails are received and can be customized extensively upon the request of the user. However, they generally come with large start-up costs, on the order of tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if there are no in house servers and infrastructure in place already. Goldilocks doesn’t need all the functionality of an expensive, unnecessarily complex solution like this; she’d be paying for utility that she will never use.

She’s looking for some software that will help her manage her field technicians, create jobs and work orders, send invoices, email reports, track customers and job sites and sync everything to her favorite accounting software.

Goldilocks tries another bowl of porridge software solution. But it is far too cold basic.

Cold porridge won’t do. Neither will software that doesn’t supply the user with the functionality that they need. Some software mainly provides field technicians with job details and helps them navigate to the job site. Goldilocks needs more than this; she’s looking for help managing her field technicians, creating jobs and work orders, sending invoices, emailing reports, tracking customers and job sites, syncing everything to her favorite accounting software and customizing her software herself to tailor it to her needs without calling tech support.

Goldilocks is willing to eat a family of bears out of house and home to find porridge that is just right.

Goldilocks didn’t settle for porridge that was too hot or cold. Neither should you. Search for different service management software and try free trials; most providers issue free trial versions of their software. You don’t want to end up paying exorbitantly for software that has capabilities you don’t need, and you definitely can’t use something that doesn’t fulfill your needs.

The Solution

High 5 Software has just released the beta version of Service Management Online (SMO), a fully Software as a Solution tool that automates a huge amount of the business process of field service management and help desk businesses.

  • Designed as the perfect medium between expensive, unwieldy on-premise software and solutions that are too basic for many companies.
  • Hosted online, in the cloud so there is no equipment start up cost, plus it can be used on any device, anywhere, as long as there is internet access.
  • Service Management Online can be easily customized for specific tasks and businesses by the user without any help from our tech support
  • Provides all of the functionality that more robust software provides but without some of the capabilities oriented towards businesses with warehouses that track inventory
  • Automatic invoicing and payment processing that syncs with QuickBooks
  • Subscription is on a per user per month basis, so your usage can be scaled up or down based on the growth of your business and your future needs

Service Management Online is a highly versatile tool that is designed with all types of businesses in mind: HVAC contractors, plumbing contractors, building and property maintenance, security and alarm, fire and safety, carpet cleaning, lighting and more. If you’re looking for software for your service business, give Service Management Online a try for free!

Go to https://h5sw.herokuapp.com/ and click “Sign Up” to try SMO for free!

For more information on SMO https://high5software.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SMO

Email High 5 Software at smo@h5sw.com

Visit High 5 Software online at https://high5software.com/

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