Improve Time Tracking With Mobile Timesheets: Lose The Paper…And The Sloppy Handwriting


TechniciansTechnicians have a lot on their plates. Traveling from site to site, working out of a van or truck, sometimes in terrible weather, making sure they have all the right materials, their lunch, their paperwork, their schedule for the day and countless other things. They’ve got a lot on their minds. So it’s understandable that the occasional timesheet gets lost, rained on, covered in food, crumpled up, ripped, scribbled on unintelligibly or forgotten completely.

But wouldn’t it be nice to never have to deal with those kinds of timesheets? Just let your techs use their smart phones to remedy some of those problems. High 5 Software is preparing to launch their new mobile app, Time Tracker for SME. It lets your smart devices save your time while saving you time.  Plus it’s more difficult to confuse a digital timesheet on your iPhone with an old napkin and throw it out at the end of the day. Even if it has a little bit of the leftovers from lunch on it.

Paperless (…and stainless, crumple-less and sloppy-writing-less)
Say goodbye to the bits of lunch, rips, crinkles and unintelligible writing that used to come standard with all the timesheets you process.

Connect Anywhere
Time Tracker can be accessed on any device, anywhere with an internet connection. Log your hours from the field or from the office.

Sync with SME & QuickBooks
Eliminate double entry of hours with automatic syncing to your Service Management Enterprise database and QuickBooks.

Track Time Automatically
Let the app do the thinking for you. Time Tracker will clock you in and out and automatically record your hours for the day.

Automatic Payments and Billing
Time Tracker isn’t just a stopwatch. It automatically calculates payments, invoices and billable service hours.

DOL and DCAA Compliant
Time Tracker ensures that your timesheets are in compliance with government regulations so you can focus on your business.

Service Business Specific
Since it’s coming from High 5 Software you know Time Tracker is backed up by over 25 years of service industry experience.

Stop worrying about deciphering soggy, unintelligible time sheets. Step into the mobile era with Time Tracker. See how it works at

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